Accepted Papers

5 Title:        On the key-stream periods probability of Edon80
Authors:      Yunqing Xu
17 Title:        Automatic Detection and Analysis of Encrypted Messages in Malware
Authors:      Ruoxu Zhao, Dawu Gu, Juanru Li and Yuanyuan Zhang
18 Title:    A Note on a Signature Building Block and Relevant Security Reduction in the Green-Hohenberger OT Scheme (Short Paper)
Authors:        Zhengjun Cao, Frederic Lafitte and Olivier Markowitch
19 Title:        Partially Known Nonces and Fault Injection Attacks on SM2 Signature Algorithm
Authors:      Mingjie Liu, Jiazhe Chen and Hexin Li
21 Title:    Automatic Security Evaluation of Block Ciphers with S-bP Structures against Differential Attack (Short Paper)
Authors:      Siwei Sun, Lei Hu, Ling Song, Yonghong Xie and Peng Wang
23 Title:        Secure One-to-Group Communications: Escrow-Free ID-Based Asymmetric Group Key Agreement
Authors:      Lei Zhang, Qianhong Wu, Josep Domingo-Ferrer, Bo Qin, Sherman S. M. Chow and Wenchang Shi
25 Title:        One-time Programs with Limited Memory
Authors:      Konrad Durnoga, Stefan Dziembowski, Tomasz Kazana and Michat Zajac
28 Title:        Cube Theory and stable $k$-error Linear Complexity for Periodic Sequences
Authors:      Jianqin Zhou and Wanquan Liu
30 Title:        A practical attack on patched MIFARE Classic
Authors:      Yi-Hao Chiu, Wei-Chih Hong, Li-Ping Chou, Jintai Ding, Bo-Yin Yang and Chen-Mou Cheng
35 Title:        Cryptanalysis of the Round-Reduced GOST Hash Function
Authors:      Jian Zou, Wenling Wu and Shuang Wu
36 Title:        The Gallant-Lambert-Vanstone Decomposition Revisited
Authors:      Zhi Hu and Maozhi Xu
40 Title:        Omega Pairing on Hyperelliptic Curves
Authors:      Shan Chen, Kunpeng Wang and Dongdai Lin
42 Title:        Autocorrelation Values of New Generalized Cyclotomic Sequences of Order Six over $Z_{pq}$
Authors:      Xinxin Gong, Bin Zhang, Dengguo Feng and Tongjiang Yan
43 Title:        Cryptanalysis of three Authenticated Encryption Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks (Short Paper)
Authors:      Xiaoqian Li, Peng Wang, Bao Li and Zhelei Sun
53 Title:        RSA-OAEP is RKA Secure (Short Paper)
Authors:      Dingding Jia, Bao Li, Xianhui Lu and Yamin Liu
55 Title:        Low-Weight Primes for Lightweight Elliptic Curve Cryptography on 8-bit Processors
Authors:      Zhe Liu, Johann GroBschadl and Duncan S. Wong
56 Title:        LHash: A Lightweight Hash Function
Authors:      Wenling Wu, Shuang Wu, Lei Zhang, Zou Jian and Dong Le
57 Title:        Security Model and Analysis of FHMQV, Revisited
Authors:      Shengli Liu, Kouichi Sakurai, Jian Weng, Fangguo Zhang and Yunlei Zhao
66 Title:        EAdroid: Providing Environment Adaptive Security for Android system
Authors:      Hongliang Liang and Yu Dong
67 Title:        New Construction of Differentially 4-Uniform Bijections
Authors:      Claude Carlet, Deng Tang, Xiao Tang and Qun Liao
69 Title:        Multivariate Leakage Model for Improving Non-Profiling DPA on Noisy Power Traces
Authors:      Suvadeep Hajra and Debdeep Mukhopadhyay
74 Title:        Pairing computation on Edwards curves with high-degree twists
Authors:      Liangze Li, Hongfeng Wu and Fan Zhang
84 Title:        Environment-bound SAML assertions: A fresh approach to enhance the security of SAML assertions
Authors:      Kai Chen, Dongdai Lin, Li Yan and Xin Sun
86 Title:        A note on semi-bent and hyper-bent Boolean functions
Authors:      Chunming Tang, Yu Lou, Yanfeng Qi, Maozhi Xu and Baoan Guo
106 Title:        Supervised Usage of Signature Creation Devices
Authors:      Przemystaw Kubiak and Mirostaw Kutytowski