The INSCRYPT 2016 will be held in Beijing Friendship Hotel, Beijing, China, from Nov. 4 to Nov. 6, 2016. Anticipated participants are encouraged to register the conference as soon as possible.

The standard registration fee includes admission to all technical sessions/tutorials, and all social functions as well as a copy of the pre-proceeding and a banquet. Note that the conference post-proceeding is NOT included in the registration. If one or more copies of the conference post-proceedings are needed, please indicate the number of copies and pay the extra fees for them. Detailed post addresses are needed for delivering the post-proceedings after they become available.

--- Each accepted paper must have one attendee to present their paper and registrated as proceedings author.

--- For participants from the mainland of China, the registration form is available in doc and pdf formats.

--- For participants from areas and countries other than the mainland of China, the registration form is available in doc and pdf formats.

For registration with Credit Card, please go to the following webpage:

To proceed the online credit card payment (IE browser is recommended), extra bank charge may occur.

Note that for each accepted paper, at least one author should register the conference, and present their paper at the conference in order to have their paper included in the conference proceeding (LNCS).

If you have any questions about registration, please contact conference affairs via


Traveling to China from overseas may need a visa. Often a tourist visa is convenient for conference participation, and to get a tourist visa from many countries can be quite easy. However there are cases where it is not so easy to get a tourist visa to China, in which case an invitation letter from the conference host may be helpful (but cannot guarantee a visa to be issued). If you do need an invitation letter from us for the visa purpose, please send the following information to, A.S.A.P.

    Family name:
    First name:
    Date of birth:
    Passport no.:
    Passport expiration date:
    Country/City where you intend to apply for your visa:
    Intended date of landing to China:
    Point of landing (e.g. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou):
    Date of departure (when you will leave China):
    Detailed mailing address:
    Phone and Fax numbers (if applicable):
    Email addresses:

When we get an official invitation letter for you (for visa purpose only), we'll send the letter to you as soon as possible.

Note1: Registration payment needs to be made before invitation letter for visa purpose can be provided.

Note2: The officialinvitation letters for visa purpose need to be issued by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which usually takes about a month to process.However, an (unofficial) invitation letter issued by the conference organisor can be provided on request, by providing the name and address as well as email contact details.

Note3: Every companion needs to provide the above information separately.